Technological structures in the concept of advanced development of the macroregion

G.Kh. Batov, Z.Kh. Kumisheva, A.B. Tlisov, Sh.T. Shalova

Institute of Computer Science and Problems of Regional Management – branch of Federal public budgetary scientific establishment “Federal scientific center “Kabardin-Balkar Scientific Center of the RussianAcademy of Sciences”

Annotation: The main objectives of the work are to study the state of technological structures of the subjects of the macroregion, to determine the factors affecting its formation and development, to substantiate the ways of modernization of technological development. The state of technological structures clearly characterizes the technological structure and the degree of development of the economy of the subject, its technical and technological compliance with modern requirements. In this regard, the urgent tasks that need to be solved for the transition to a full fourth and the formation of the foundations of the fifth technological order are clearly visible. The problem can be solved by sharing the technological base and scientific and technological potential of the region’s subjects.

Keywords: macroregion, technological structure, new technologies, modernization, technological development, NCFD.