On the issue of territorial development tools in the context of technological transformations

Kh.K. Kazancheva, A.L. Kilchukova

Institute of Computer Science and Problems of Regional Management – branch of Federal public budgetary scientific establishment “Federal scientific center “Kabardin-Balkar Scientific Center of the RussianAcademy of Sciences”

Annotation: The subject of the article is the tools of territorial development. In the work, a comparative analysis of a number of instruments of territorial development is carried out, the possible effects of priority development for an economic system oriented towards the achievement of the quality of life of a highly developed country are substantiated. The article substantiates that advanced development does not always act as a mechanism for the growth of territorial development, but will work effectively under certain conditions (resources, established economic structure, its manufacturability, effectiveness of territorial institutions). The study revealed that the advanced development mechanism will be effective when using technological innovation projects in conjunction with traditional industries, which will trigger the need for a new technology using domestic developments.

Keywords: economic growth, regional development, territories of advanced socio-economic development, new technologies, tax burden, tax incentives, single-industry city, residents.